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Bob Jensen
Bob Jensen

As the publisher of your paper I have a couple of options for column topic material this week, one of them serious (the recall) one of them not so much (anything but the recall). We will be dealing with the recall on pretty much a weekly basis in the near future so we are going with option B.

By now you might have figured out I don’t write my column until Wednesday morning, right on deadline. It’s how I’ve always done it, dating back to the late 1970s when I was starting my career at the Broken Bow newspaper, the Custer County Chief. I do it partly because it’s the way I’ve always done it and partly because there can be things worth reporting that happen on Tuesday.During league golf season the latter is always true. Sometimes humiliatingly so but true none the less.

I have two items to report today, both related to Tuesday golf. (Actually, there is a corollary that goes along with the two items but one thing at a time.)

The first is a result of having to accept a second league forfeit from Trent and Sean Wagner. Those guys are always fun to play with and it was a bad deal to miss them on the schedule but as it was it set up me and my partner Chris Anderson for a leisurely tour of the course. (The only real concern we had was, what happens if we lose the box? We could be stymied for the rest of the afternoon…)
With only two in our group we were always bumping up against the foursome in front of us because two (even us two) play a little quicker than four. Which led us to be on the No. 3 tee box when Valley View legend Leroy Smelker about to address the ball. (Ralph Cramden: The first thing you do, Norton, is address the ball. Ed Norton: Hello, ball.)

Leroy took a mighty cut, belying his 71 years. Then there was a sound and a burst of giggling, the type of sound you hear when a bunch of middle school girls are gathered. The sound was actually his playing companions who saw, before I, the results of his attempt.

What happened, was, the ball hit a tree directly left of the No. 3 tee box and rolled gently onto the No. 2 green. And I mean it was drawing a bead on the hole; as it did so there was open talk about whether or not such a hole in one would qualify Leroy to buy a round for the house, as is the case with any hole-in-one.

The ball didn’t go in but there it sat, just a couple of feet from the hole. Leroy, who always enjoys himself when he plays, had a good laugh at his own expense, took a drop and then belted the ball down the (correct) fairway. Good for you, Leroy!

The corollary to these events was the fact that later that day Super John Janky (he always tells me to address him that way) and I were matched against 11-time club champion Mike Malm and Steve Philippi. Malm and I are Monday night league partners and just 24 hours ago I had cost us the match, finishing with a double bogey on No. 9.

Flash forward to Tuesday night. Johnny and I were fortunate to pretty much have the match in the bag when I somehow managed to birdie the hole; for the second time that day! (A first for me.) After the handshakes Mikey was curious where that birdie was the night before, when I was actually HIS partner.

My bad, friend.

All of which once again proves the fees I pay to play league golf are the biggest bargain in my life.


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