Timing is, of course, everything


The sudden, surprising news that Litzenberg CEO Tad Hunt had resigned certainly caught me off guard. Didn’t see it coming, though as a father of two, maybe I should have.

Hunt has been in Central City for a little more that two years, first as a temporary replacement for longtime Litzenberg CEO Mike Bowman before earning the permanent title. Well, sort of permanent, anyway.

Timing is everything and the announcement of his resignation coming just a few days after the local hospital’s decision to affiliate with, and possibly soon merging into, Bryan Health gives the whole thing an unexpected shade. Could be I am easy to fool but I don’t see the two connected in any way, shape or form.

What I do see is a dad who has a daughter about to enter her senior year in high school, a dad who has a chance to move an hour closer to home and move into a position similar to the one he currently has. Hunt has been here the past two years, mostly separated from his family, the chance to fix that had to be uppermost in his mind.

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