Nothing routine about it

Bob Jensen
Bob Jensen

One of the reasons something becomes routine is because there is a certain comfort involved in the task at hand. (This is not to be confused with the use of clichés in everyday speech, though the reason a statement become cliché in the first place is that it is often true.)

So it is with my Tuesday golf, well, routine. For about the first dozen years we lived in town I didn’t play in what is called the second league, the one which tees off at about 2 p.m., because I felt guilty about being out of the office. I seem to have gotten over that.

As a result, most Tuesdays I play both at 2 and 4:30, or thereabouts, getting in 18 holes of athletic (ahem) competition. But not this Tuesday. Due to a conflict, I was not able to make the second league, leaving my partner Chris Anderson, better known as your city administrator, to fend for himself. It worked out for us, as Anderson shot the game of his life and won without me there. And has asked that I not come back.

So after taking care of my business through the afternoon I matriculated to Valley View in time for the 4:30, or fourth league. It was weird to show up in the middle of all the proceedings, no golf under my belt, just jumping into the fray. Shoot, I hardly bothered to warm up.

Not that it would have made any difference. My fourth league partner, the consistently entertaining John Janky, played his usual, well let’s call it steady, game. I was bad for most of the round, at least in terms of golf, but again that made little difference.

When the dust had settled our playing opponents had done the following:
1. G Kalabhai, the owner of the Super 8, went out and shot himself a 39 with an eight handicap, which is sort of like winning the lottery. I will never speak to him again.
2. Dan Piskorski, No. 2 man at the local Cornerstone Bank, the pride of Ord, Nebr., and a first-year golfer, shot a score nine strokes better than his career best. I will never speak to him again, either.

Afterwards Johnny and I discussed our ability to inspire fellow competitors to achieve beyond their wildest hopes and dreams. It was sort of a Tony Robbins moment.
It will be back to the 18-hole schedule next Tuesday and perhaps Anderson will be able to once again carry the water for our 2 o’clock team and Johnny and I will inspire ourselves, instead.


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