Ready for school to start


Now that the new school year is just around the corner, I can say some words that I thought would never leave my mouth: I’m excited for it.

It may be the fact that now I don’t have to return to school and I get to enjoy all the Facebook statuses about people’s first day, or them having to sit through class.
But I think the real reason I’m ready for it to begin is that it will brighten up the town.

Everything I have heard since I have made the move to Central City is that once school starts, the town becomes a bit more alive.

New teachers, new families and new students will all come through CC and it will be nice to see some new faces that I have yet to see.

I also can’t wait for the sports season to start. One of my favorite parts about the school atmosphere is the team spirit that arises when athletics come in to play.  With a new football coach in place this season, it’s hard not to be excited about all the possible outcomes for this year’s season. None the less, the fan support, I’m anticipating, should be unbelievable.
No matter the sport, or the event that is occurring, I’m ready for school to start.

I’m ready for the athletic events, the school plays, choir concerts, and all the events that I have yet to witness in my time in CC.

Let’s get the school year started.

Parents, I’m sure you’re feeling the same way I am.


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