Outdoors with Broek


A cousin called from Boyd County telling me the Crappie were biting. I started day dreaming about going up north to fish. I was thinking this could be a good time to take the grand kids on a fishing trip. Jenna might have gotten bored “just fishing”, besides she’s doing 4-H stuff. Cole’s a little younger but always ready to fish. I’d gotten to hot Sunday, knowing two day’s would be too much for me, so Cole and I fished one day around Merrick County.

Cole slept over at our house waking up at 6:15 a.m., grabbing our gear and taking off. He was really excited because we had gone to a different lake than ours.

While driving up the highway I looked at him, giving him a little shot in the arm and wiping in off, saying “windmill”. That’s a game we play while traveling, I suppose to pass the time. Cole says to me, “what day is it?” I said Monday, he said he doesn’t play windmill on Mondays, I said oh! Cole said to me, grandpa is this lake a long ways or a short ways. I said it was too far to walk to, he said wow.

We threw Topwater lures, twister tails, Crappie Critters, before we caught Bass on rubber worms. Early the lake was super calm without any fish working the surface. At 8:30 a.m. we got a nice breeze out of the southwest. It was really pleasant until 10:45 a.m. when it got calm again. Cole caught the first Bass and the last using a 6” culprit rubber worm. I was using a 9” Culprit worm in red/black color Texas rigged. Cole asked me what this boats name was, I said “Hunter” short for Bass Hunter. Cole mentioned it’s not as nice to fish out of as “Wegner”. I said, Wegner doesn’t travel as easily as Hunter does!

We were back home at noon eating, working on a trolling motor, working on our trailor, napping, watching Popeye cartoons, and just messing around, waiting for it to cool down to go fishing again.
Seven p.m. it cooled two degrees and Cole said, let’s go grandpa – OK. While driving down the road Cole leans over and gives me a shot in the arm, saying “windmill”. I said, “I thought you didn’t play windmill on Mondays?” “No” he said, “that’s just on Monday mornings, Monday evening its ok.” Ha! Ha! Ha! We both had a laugh. I think it matters who’s fully awake or not.

The evening spot was bobber and bank fishing. Cole had a hoot of a good time as well as his grandpa. Large Mouth Bass, Catfish, Bluegill and Sunfish as soon as the bait hit the water. Half Nightcrawlers were the bait of choice. Cole caught two keeper Bass, three keeper Catfish, lots of Gill, a few Sunfish,  I fed him two pennut butter and honey sanwichs and had him home by 9:30 p.m. I’m sure the only boring parts for Cole were the time he spent not fishing!

High lights, fighing, windmills, rubber worms, air conditioners, Popeye cartoons, Nightcrawlers, sharp hooks, peannut butter honey, and fishin buddy’s, absolutly priceless.


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