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The evening after Benner and I returned home from Calamus, Cole and Carter came out to the cabin thinking it would be a good night to fish. I couldn’t say no. I really thought I was helping taking both of them fishing, we were really having fun. Carter was running the net, Cole just couldn’t connect and every lure I used seemed to work. Cole was putting on the same lure I had, not catching any. I’d change lures hoping to have Cole catch fish on what I had already caught fish on. The fish were not cooperating at all, and after several nice Gill, Bass and Crappie I set the hook handing my rod to Cole and Carter, they cranked in three nice Crappie 12”, 13” and 14 inches. Carter in usually casting his rod, playing with the net and I thought it was time for him to get started catching fish.

Prarie Creek 4-Her’s came to the lake for fishing, swimming, sand games, and food. Sara wanted to introduce the kids to fishing 101. Some were experienced and some were not. It was so warm, Sara originally thought they’d swim mostly. This was not the case. The 9 kids, 7 to 13 years old, plus parents were dedicated to the task. They fished with worms, bobbers, and hooks using borrowed rod’s or there owe. Glor and I supplied the lake, grill, patio, and taught them to tie two fairly simple fishing knots. (Cinch and palmar knots) It was really fun working with very attentive kids.

After the knot tying it was time to go fishing, so off they went. Spreading out over our lot and Steve Twiss’ lot. Different times you think about things you’ve forgot to tell them. For the inexperienced we should have mentioned some thing about, setting the hook. Oops. They say practise makes perfect, so get out there and fish.

4-H is an awesome organization teaching young people fun, interaction, respect, appreciation, fantastic experiences, and great goal setting opportunities. You can usually tell which kids though out life that have had good foundations to be leaders for years to come.
Happy fishing


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