Historic photograph gets taken in our town

Bob Jensen
Bob Jensen

Besides being the publisher of your local newspaper, I have for the past 24 years now also published a statewide high school sports paper, Huskerland Prep Report. As part of our football coverage we also publish a preview magazine; maybe some of you have seen it, maybe even read through it.

Our preview magazine takes a few months to complete and it’s pretty complete, with preview stories on the teams around the state, feature stories on some of the top players, preseason top ten rankings and a player-ranking feature we call The Top 225. All very fun, all very time consuming. But still very fun.

Each year we need to decide what to do with the cover, much like we do with the ol’ R-N. Every previous year we have elected to use a photo of one of our players who are featured in the magazine but this year we took a different, very historic turn.

Psst…lean in a little closer…I am about to give away a secret, that being who is going to be on the cover of our 2013 Huskerland Prep Report preview magazine.

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I do so realizing it will matter little to most of you but it matters to me and a few of you will play along like it matters to you, too.
Currently, and for the first time ever, our state has three active high school coaches who have each accumulated at least 300 career wins. To put that in perspective, that’s 10 wins for 30 years. Ten. Yikes.

Those three gentlemen, all giants in their profession, are Carl Tesmer (Hastings St. Cecilia), Jeff Bellar (Norfolk Catholic) and Mark Wortman (Elkhorn). Each of those guys have faithfully worked with me since Huskerland’s shaky inception back in August 1990, and their professionalism is at least as noteworthy as their career record.

What does make this a local issue is the portrait we will take of those gentlemen will be taken here in Central City; each of the guys have agreed to drive to our town to take part in the shooting of this historic photograph.

I get a lot of satisfaction from being your newspaper publisher, and I and my outstanding staff work very hard to make your paper something you are pleased, or at least interested, to read each week. When I am not busy with the paper, though, Huskerland has been a great hobby, giving me a chance to meet a whole boatload of people I’d never have met any other way.

And shooting this historic photograph in our town, in my office, is one of the highlights. In the words of the movie The Waterboy, “And now you know that…”


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