Fitness Center receives donations


The Board has formed a campaign committee to raise the money over a five year period.  Several lead gifts have already been made.

Fitness Center Board President Aaron Purvis said he is amazed with how the community is supporting the Fitness Center.

“I’ve just been blown away with what the community has been able to do, we are in the quiet phase of our fundraising right now,” Purvis said. “We’ve already raised the $210,000, that’s remarkable. Everyone in the community seems to know what kind of an asset the fitness center is for the community.”

The local financial institutions have led the way with more than $70,000 in pledges.  Archer Credit Union and Cornerstone Bank each pledged $25,000 to the efforts while Pinnacle Bank pledged $12,500. Other area banks including Marquette, Hordville and Clarks have also made pledges.
The City of Central City has pledged $50,000 over two years, requiring a two- for-one match.  The individual members of the Fitness Center board, staff and campaign committee have pledged more than $100,000 including $60,000 to match additional funds pledged.

Altogether, about two thirds of the money has already been raised.

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