First county fair…ever


This past week I have spent a majority of my time covering the Merrick County Fair. Not only was it my first time covering one as a reporter, this was my first time going to a county fair. Ever.

I have to say, it reminded me of old television shows where you see kids going to the fair with all of their friends. I was fascinated by it, to be honest.

Growing up in Phoenix, we never had a county fair, and if we did, it wasn’t that well known. There was the Arizona State Fair of course, but I never took the time to attend that either.
This was much different than those would have been though.

Throughout the entire week I have seen what is like to grow up around here, participate in the activities such as 4-H and the Demo Derby. I have learned a lot in watching how things work, how things are judged and how much time and effort these kids put into their animals.

It is a passion that these kids have and I believe that it truly showed through their time of being judged. While I spent a good majority of my time covering these events, I found that I wasn’t looking at it as work, but more as an opportunity to learn what this time of the year is all about. I was excited to attend these events.

The fair itself brings a whole new light to the town of Central City. Literally. I haven’t seen one place that can light up a whole area like that since I have been to town. Once the sun goes down, the entire fair becomes one big stage and I love it. Walking down in front of the booths and having people try and sell you their game made me feel like I was in a movie almost. The BBQ was so delicious and the funnel cakes. Don’t even get me started on the funnel cakes.

I’m very disappointed that the fair has come to an end, but I know one thing for sure: it has given me something to look forward to next summer.


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