Board OKs handbook changes


The Central City School Board met Monday night to introduce and approve the new changes made to the personal handbook.

All changes that were brought up and discussed were passed by unanimous decision from across the board.

Among the policies changed were additions in wording to the policies that were previously in the handbook. Mandatory Drug Testing before was acceptable for any student participating in any sort of event within the school, where as now, if it is considered a “co-curricular activity” the student is not required to submit to random drug testing. An example would be if the student participates in choir, or band or the musical, where a grade might be placed upon their participation, the student does not have to submit to random drug testing. This does not include Jazz Band, which does not require a grade.

Other policies that were modified were the “Reimbursement and Miscellaneous Expenditures” which now states “Public funds shall not be spent to provide food or beverages to board members, school officials, employees, volunteers, students, or any other person except as allowed by law.”
Also changed were the Student Appearance, Conflict of Interest; Purchasing, Family Medical Leave Act; Prohibition Against Employment of Board Members; Compulsory Attendance and Excessive Absenteeism; Option Enrollment; Homeless Students; Student Records; Parental Involvement in the Title 1 Program; Copying Fees for School District Records; Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect (Formerly Policy 5021, now Policy 4054); and Gifts, Grants and Bequests sections of the handbook.

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