Bill’s Volume Sales welcomes ag visitors

Argentine Visitors
Argentine Visitors

Some things are the same all over the world, especially when it comes to agriculture.

People need to eat, and so do their herds of livestock.

It’s just that some places take care of those needs a bit differently.

That’s the concept behind the visit of nearly twenty cattle feeders, veterinary specialists, and farmers from Argentina who spent Friday morning in Central City.

“We actually spent five days in Nebraska, visiting a number of feed facilities,” says Diego Carcano of Vetifarma—an Argentine company that describes its personnel as “experts in animal health and nutrition”—and chief liaison for the traveling group.

Vetifarma’s primary products revolve around a full line of livestock feed, from bovine to porcine to avian premixes.

“We were happy for the hospitality of the mixers dealers,” says Carcano, who is Vetifarma’s beef and dairy manager. “We will use the information about feed mixing in our feedlot operations.”

Carcano and his group started their day in Central City with a breakfast of donuts and coffee at Bill’s Volume Sales on Highway 30.
Bill’s Volume, founded by Bill Pullen in the early Sixties when he began selling mixers from his father’s feedlot.

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